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Sculpt with Charcoal Nov 2022 8/9
  • Sculpt with Charcoal Nov 2022 8/9

    Charcoal on paper by Japanese artist Eliza Arricale. 


    "At the start of a drawing, I am unsure of what the picture is going to look like. I trust in the process and allow the portrait to appear. 

    Drawing feels like a performative dance for me. I use two hands to draw. I allow the charcoal to rotate in my hands, whilst I use the sides and the tips of the charcoal. I then smear on some areas. This whole process feels very tactile, as if I'm sculpting on paper. I try to minimize looking at the paper as I draw. That way I allow interesting textures to appear. 

    I want to capture facial expressions that look like they've lasted a glimpse of a second, but now frozen in time. I welcome the viewers to develop a personal encounter with the portraits I create." 

    Dimensions: H43.4 x W60.80 x D2.0cm / H17.1 x W23.9 x D0.8"

    Weight: 3kg / 6.6lb 

    Frame: Frame included 

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